Dear All, Though out September we are increasing our range of websites. As we know this is the time to setup an ecommce website to cash in to the run up to the Christmas shopping. So many people and companies will be doing just that and setting up shopping carts. You herd of shopping centres were many people go to shop around, so we our now launching our range of virtual shopping mails. FEATURES: The shopping mall allows you to create a virtual mall that links to your favorite affiliate stores, your own stores, as well as paid advertisers' stores. The script allows for categories with links to websites that include website name, description and a small banner image. Siteadmin panel: 1. Admin can add/edit/delete links 2. Admin can add/edit/delete unlimited categories 3. Admin info - change username, password, name, email 4. Approve advertisers 5. Mail management REVENUE DETAILS : Use the mall to promote affiliate banners, sell advertising space or promote your own websites. We will be launching one new design a day over the next two weeks. Starting at 9PM tonight EBay UK Time. We will be offing packages in two flavours 1. Website, Domain free for 12 mouths, 1 month hosting priced at 9.99 then 5 per month hosting after that and 20 Per Year Domain renew fees 2. Website, Domain free for 12 mouths, hosting all paid up for 1 year this be 30. Then after that yearly hosting will be 30 and domain renew will be 20. We will be starting with the xmas theme given it the time of year shopping centres start to turn in to Christmas and ounce those design have been launched one a day we scheduled ebay item to then release the more general shopping mail designs. Demo site/Sneak preview:- Shopping Mail design Launch Dates Site Name Website + Domain paid up for 1 year + 1 months Hosting Website + Domain paid up for 1 year + 1 Years paid up Hosting Shopping Mall PHP Layout 3 Green 05/09/09 9PM 06/09/09 9PM Shopping Mall PHP Layout 3 Red 06/09/09 9PM 07/09/09 9PM Shopping Mall PHP Layout 3 White 07/09/09 9PM 08/09/09 9PM Shopping Mall PHP Layout 2 Black 08/09/09 9PM 09/09/09 9PM Shopping Mall PHP Layout 2 Blue 09/09/09 9PM 10/09/09 9PM Shopping Mall PHP Layout 2 Green 10/09/09 9PM 11/09/09 9PM Shopping Mall PHP Layout 2 Red 11/09/09 9PM 12/09/09 9PM Shopping Mall PHP Layout 1 Blue 12/09/09 9PM 13/09/09 9PM Shopping Mall PHP Layout 1 Green 13/09/09 9PM 14/09/09 9PM Shopping Mall PHP Layout 1 Natural 14/09/09 9PM 15/09/09 9PM Shopping Mall PHP Layout 1 Pink 15/09/09 9PM 16/09/09 9PM Why not increase your online income by buying this type of site or any of our sites. A full range that is to come and are available now can be seen from our eBay shop. And if you wish to buy, use the buy it now and pay then you will get your website within 1-2 working days (Exc Weekends) So please check out our eBay shop soon In September you see the launch of our Christmas brand, if you wish to sell Christmas So why not check out our ebay shop now. Ebay shop web address is: If you wish to see detail of new items and website listed why not since to our weekly mail out that you can subscribe by going to within our ebay shop:- Store Newsletter! Add my Shop to your Favourites and receive my email newsletters about new items and special promotions!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

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